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©2018 CLASSIC LOOT.  208 Jackson Street San Jose CA 95112. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.




Hi everyone! This is Tam, the owner of Classic Loot. This is a very strange time for us, I’m not quite sure how to approach this because there are so many uncertainty for the near future. If you haven’t heard yet we are closing our doors end of April due to our landlord not wanting to renewing our shop lease. But as you know currently, Santa Clara County has issued a shelter in place until April 6th meaning we are not able to open our doors to operate due to the safety of our team and our community.


After a lot of consideration we are closing our doors earlier than intended and moving all sales to online until we have a clearer plan of what/where we’re going next. 

We thrive though the community when our doors are open. You can only imagine how detrimental this is for small businesses and our team is all taking a huge financial hit. During this this time, we need your support more than ever. We are making a huge shift to make our goods readily available through our Instagram and Facebook. We will be posting everyday! 

We encourage you to stay kind, healthy and positive and to stay connected via social media. We will definitely miss every single face that comes through our door and every conversation and friendship we’ve built through the last years, personally best 3 years of my life. Let’s keep the relationship going and it’s not “Goodbye” but “See You Later”



After 3 years of slangin' loot out of our boutique on wheels, we now have a storefront in the beautiful Japantown in San Jose. We are located on 5th Street & Jackson Street (diagonal from Roy's Coffee Shop), you can't miss us.


We continue to house dope accessories. From vintage, handmade to modern styles. Along with our accessories we now house woman's fashion apparel, to give complete a #classiclootflygal look.

Location: 208 Jackson Street San Jose CA 95112

Store Hours: 

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 12-8PM

Wednesday: 12-8PM

Thursday: 12-8PM

Friday: 12-9PM

Saturday: 12-9PM

Sunday: 11-6PM

(subject to change)



What the TRUCK? Never heard of a shop on wheels? Imagine a food truck but minus the food and replace it with accessories! We bring our truck Claudette, out for special events all around the bay area. 

Walk on in and be prepared to be amazed...